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Prevent injury, improve back pain, reduce muscle aches, and enhance your posture with the LifeSpan Stretch Partner. The stretching machine uses gravity to stretch all major muscle groups, from your shoulders down to your Achilles and everything in between. The solid steel frame, ergonomic seat design, and included instructional flip chart and DVD make the Stretch Partner ideal for any age group and ability level. Whether you are training for a sport, recovering from an injury, or are simply looking to improve your overall flexibility, the LifeSpan SP1000 full-body stretching machine makes the perfect fit.


Benefits of Improving Flexibility

  • Stretching keeps your body strong and flexible.
  • Stretching helps improve your posture.
  • Stretching can be used to address chronic pain.
  • Stretching reduces the risk of muscle pain.
  • Stretching accelerates injury recovery.
  • Stretching enhances athletic performance.
  • Stretching calms the mind and relieves stress.
  • Stretching regains and maintains full range of joint motion.

Flex-Smart™ Pivot System

Flex-Smart does all the work for you. The patented Flex-Smart pivoting system provides a greater range of movement to accommodate various body types and all levels of flexibility. This stretching machine helps place you in an ergonomically proper body position for stretching, then gently uses gravity to stretch your desired muscle group all while providing you with a deeper, fuller stretch and balanced flexibility. Flex-Smart makes this body stretching equipment perfect for safe and effective use by chiropractors, rehab centers, and for placement in your own home.

Stretching Machine Flip Chart and Video

The 30-minute Flexible for Life stretching DVD and illustrated placard provide an easy to follow, step-by-step stretching program for all muscle groups. Eighteen stretches are included for the lower back, hamstrings and hips, as well as the shoulders, upper back, neck, abdominals, forearms, triceps, chest, hamstrings, glutes, groin, quadriceps, thighs, calves and achilles.

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Dimensions 124.5cm L x 73.7cm W x 96.5cm
Transport Includes 2 front-mounted transport wheels for easy mobility and simple storage.
Seat Comfortable, 1.5" Thick, Easy-to-Clean Seat Cushion
Wrist Straps Includes 2 wrist straps, allowing for a fuller, deeper stretch and added safety.
Instructional Materials Placard With 18 Illustrated Stretches; 30-Minute Instructional DVD
Max. User Weight 136.1 kg
Net Weight 24.7 kg
Gross Weight 31.75 kg
Shipping Dimensions Single Box: 49" L x 11" W x 30" H
Assembly Light Assembly Required

Frame: 5 Years
Parts: 2 Years
Upholstery & Bumpers: 90 Days