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your standing desk

Bring movement to your static standing desk with the AirSoft Standing Board. AirSoft brings dynamic movement into your sedentary work routine by encouraging you to gently rock back-and-forth or wobble side-to-side while using your standing desk. Performing these micro-movements while you stand will enhance your functional strength and increase coordination, improving your balance and stability, reducing back and joint pain, and even help alleviate arthritis in your knees. Regardless of your movement style, ability level or desired level of effort, the standing board can be customized to fit you. Whether you want to re-arrange the cushion placements or simply alter the air pressure, the board's cushions are 100% adjustable and can become more or less challenging to your liking.


Active Standing at Your Desk

Placing the cushions on the outer edges of the board will support active standing, while allowing for minimal amounts of movement. This arrangement is perfect for easing into using the standing desk board or if you are looking for a more subtle movement option while still delivering overall health benefits. As you get more comfortable with the board, you can try introducing balance training or even create your own unique cushion arrangement.

Balance Board Standing Desk Training

If you are looking for more movement while using the AirSoft Standing Board, the cushions can be moved to the center of the board, further challenging your equilibrium and introducing balance training to your static standing routine. In comparison to active standing, balance training requires more core, back, and leg muscle engagement, coordination, and focus. Balance board standing desk training is great for gaining overall functional strength to aid in rehabilitation efforts, injury prevention, and can help improve posture. And on top of the health benefits, it's fun and easy to use!


Dimensions 23" L x 16" W x 4.5" H
Material Wood/rubber
Texture Satin finish
Color Birch
Max. User Weight 350 lbs
Product Weight 7.7 lbs
Safety Certifications California Phase 2 Compliant
Country of Origin China
Warranty 1 Year
In the Box 4 cushions, 1 platform, 1 air pump