LifeSpan Rower


  1. RW7000 Commercial Rower
    RW7000 Commercial Rowing Machine
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  2. RW1000 Folding Rower
    RW1000 Indoor Rower
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Rowing Machines

LifeSpan gives you a next-level rowing experience that combines quality craftmanship and sleek engineering for a total-body workout that does it all. Strengthen your back, shoulders and biceps while simultaneously working your hamstrings, glutes, quads and core. When you purchase a LifeSpan rower, you will get a heart-healthy workout that burns calories and gets blood flowing from a name you can trust and the quality you expect.

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LifeSpan Rowing Machines

RW1000 Indoor Rower:
Features a basic easy-to-use design for simplified rowing at an affordable price point.

RW7000 Commercial Rower
Gives you ultimate customization for your perfect workout at a price that can’t be beat.