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LifeSpan Stretch Machine with male model

Stretch Machines

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    SP1000 Stretch Partner
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Stretching Machines

LifeSpan offers two solid ways to help improve your flexibility and stretch your major muscle groups. Both the SP1000 and SP1000 Pro are quality crafted and designed to help you enjoy the benefits of stretching and increased flexibility. Prevent injury with deep stretching to help improve back pain, reduce muscle aches and improve your posture. The base frame of these units are welded to ensure a strength and quality that will last with your efforts to steadily improve your stretching abilities

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LifeSpan Stretching Machines

SP1000 Stretch Machine:
Features Flex-Smart™ pivot system and a basic easy-to-use design for stretching at an affordable price point.

SP1000 Pro Stretching Machine
Improved design is built to last and includes improved residential and commercial warranty.