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Your Resting Heart Rate: What is Normal & Healthy?
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    BPM1000i Blood Pressure Monitor


    Check your heart rate and blood pressure at home with this USB Blood Pressure Monitor, then track the results and view your health improvements in your online LifeSpan Club account – one free membership is included with your purchase. This is a full-featured digital blood pressure monitor that includes a USB port and software to automatically save heart rate and blood pressure readings. You can retain average maximum and minimum systolic and diastolic values.

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  2. Activity Monitor with clip

    MyStride Activity Monitor


    The MyStride Activity Monitor is more than just a pedometer. It measures your movement to accurately track steps taken, calories burned, minutes exercised and distance traveled. The integrated flip USB makes it easy and convenient to sync your activity and progress with your LifeSpan Club account.

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  3. Heart Rate Chest Strap

    Heart Rate Chest Strap


    Maximize your results and use your cardiovascular system effectively by using a cardio heart rate monitor as you exercise. Several LifeSpan treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical trainers support the use of a Heart Rate Chest Strap to monitor your heart rate as you exercise. See the list of compatible products here: Learn More

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