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LifeSpan Fitness offers a full-range of fitness treadmill machines for every level, including light-commercial, commercial grade, folding treatmills, and medical treadmills. For nearly two decades, LifeSpan has been an industry leader in commercial and home fitness treadmills, and the reviews agree. Consumer Guide, Treadmill Doctor,, and Runner’s World have all ranked our products high in their reviews of treadmills for sale year-after-year.

Our home-use, folding treadmills: TR1200i, TR2000e, TR3000i, TR4000i, and TR5500i, come loaded with intelligent features for indoor and outdoor runners that set them apart from the competition. Our Intelli-Guard™, Intelli-Step™, and Intelli-Key™ are based on years of research and development to make workouts safer, easier, and more user-friendly. All residential treadmills have variable speeds and incline levels to increase calories burned.

For more information on selecting the best treadmill machine for you, check out our buying guide and our guide to comparing treadmills.

Why Buy A LifeSpan Treadmill Machine?

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30-Day Guarantee

#1 in Customer Service

Home & Commercial Treadmill Innovations

Integrated Step Counting:
Our exclusive Intelli-Step™ technology is a great way to measure and track daily levels of exercise by tracking each step you take automatically.

Treadmill Safety:
Exercise safely with Intelli-Guard™ and protect yourself and all those you care about. Step away for more than twenty seconds and your treadmill machine's belt will automatically come to a gentle stop.

Intelligent Console:
Intelli-Key™ simplifies the console operation with a sequential button illumination that prompts you through program selection and setup.

Treadmill Apps:
LifeSpan's Active Trac app allows all of your exercise data to be conveniently synced to your online profile via wireless Bluetooth connectivity or USB+, letting you focus on the task at hand.

Go Green:
Only active when you are, intelligent design puts your home or commercial treadmill into a low-energy state when you finish exercising to guarantee efficiency and affordability.

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