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Desk Privacy Panel

Treadmill Desk Privacy Panel
Treadmill Desk Workstation Privacy Panel
Desk Privacy Panel

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Professional atmospheres demand tasteful presentation. Immediately improve the aesthetic of your treadmill or bike desk with the desk privacy panel. Conceal unwanted cables and wires, subdue potentially distracting user motion, further quiet noise, and benefit modesty for all types of office attire. The desk modesty panel attaches to your LifeSpan DT5, DT7 and seated desks to produce immediate benefits.


Sound Dampening Material

With a 1.0 Noise Reduction Coefficient, this acoustical material offers enhanced sound reduction with a sound dampening panel from any potential walking or pedaling noise generated during use.

Eco Friendly

Made from 40-50% recycled water/soda bottles without the use of any adhesives or bonding agents, this office privacy panel is both functional and environmentally friendly.

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