Sit Stand 6 + Absolute Acajou Desktop

Sit Stand 6 + Absolute Acajou Desktop

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The Sit-Stand 6 desk is a complete standing workstation, harnessing the benefits of standing without compromising your professional arrangement. The spacious, height-adjustable desk makes room for side-by-side standing and sitting, and adjusts electrically at the push of a button to comfortably accommodate any task. A premium three-stage telescoping frame allows for maximum desk heights to accommodate users of all heights. The integrated keypad features an intuitive LED display and 4 unique presets to ensure convenient adjustments and comfortable, personalized postures. Visible cables are history, as an industry-exclusive internal cable management system conceals cords to maintain a clean aesthetic. Customizable colors and desktop finishes complement your office, while the expandable frame adjusts to support future spatial needs. Join the movement. Improve your total wellbeing and enhance your productivity with the LifeSpan Sit-Stand 6.


Extra-Wide, Sit-Stand Dimensions.

  • 1” Thick Desktop
  • Customizable Finishes

The spacious, six-foot wide height-adjustable standing workstation creates a complete working surface, comfortably accommodating both sitting and standing during any task. A generous, 1” thick desktop creates durability and executive appeal, completing the ideal workspace. Constructed with a safe, stable design, the desk frame prevents wobble at any height, ensuring focus no matter the task.

Expandable, Height Adjustable Frame.

  • Adjustable Frame Supports Desktops from 4’ to 6’
  • Three-Stage Telescoping Legs
  • Dual-Motor Drive for Smooth, Efficient Adjustments

An adjustable frame expands and contracts to change with your needs, facilitating additional desktops ranging in width from 48-72 inches. To support users of all heights, the LifeSpan desk features a premier, three-stage telescoping leg system, essential for ideal heights during both standing and sitting. Dual, heavy-capacity motors efficiently maneuver loads up to 220 pounds, perfect for gently raising and lowering of your work area.

Digital Keypad and LED Display

  • Integrated, Soft-Touch Keypad
  • Easy-to-Read LED Display
  • Four Height-Adjustment Presets

An integrated keypad allows for swift height changes and convenient memory presets. The LED display illustrates current height, while an intuitive keypad allows for precise alterations for proper ergonomics. Four customizable height presents come standard, ensuring the proper posture for each task.