LifeSpan Treadmill Desk and Bike Desk Employer Questions

Can employees walk or pedal and still perform work-related tasks at the same time?

Absolutely, but there are some ways to use the equipment that are better fits with specific workday activities than others. For example, deep concentration activities such as writing a proposal or working on a report might be best done while sitting or standing; while light to medium intensity activities such as participating on a conference call, reading and answering email, or making minor adjustments to spreadsheets and word-processing documents can be performed with ease while simultaneously walking or pedaling. These are just guidelines though. It’s important to explore adding movement to the workday in the way that is best for each individual user.

Will employees get sweaty?

LifeSpan treadmill desks and bike desks are designed to allow employees to move—effortlessly. When using a factory default preset speed of 2 mph or less and wearing appropriate footwear while using a treadmill desk, exertion should be minimal. LifeSpan bike desks are purposely designed to be low-resistance so that users can pedal casually without needing to use much force.

Are there benefits from just moving without vigorous exercise or getting sweaty?

Of course. Users may experience reduced back and neck pain, higher energy levels, easier weight management and increased productivity levels when working—simply from adding casual movement throughout their workday. If you are looking for more information about the benefits of moving more at work, including case studies, visit our articles section.

Are LifeSpan treadmill desks or bike desks noisy and distracting?

Although LifeSpan products aren’t completely silent when in use, they’re pretty close! Users will find that they are no more distracting than other sources of white noise, such as the hum of a fan, the ring of a desk phone, or an office printer running in the background.

Do employees need to wear special footwear when using a treadmill desk or bike desk?

We recommend walking or pedaling in comfortable shoes, but it’s not necessary to wear only athletic-type footwear. Depending on the walking speed selected, users will find that walking on a treadmill desk can be a somewhat leisurely activity. If the user plans to do a lot of walking throughout the workday, or if they have sensitive feet, they might prefer to keep a pair of comfortable walking shoes nearby to change into if they are wearing uncomfortable or unsupportive footwear.

Does room temperature matter?

Walking or pedaling, even slowly, can increase the heart rate, which might in turn make the room feel warmer to the user. Running a fan near the unit or lowering the room temperature a degree or two can ensure that these forms of increased movement are relatively comfortable.

Is there an adjustment period and what is the right amount of standing, walking or pedaling?

The user should gradually add movement until they find the right balance between sitting and moving. If they try to walk all day when they have been mostly sitting, their feet, legs or back might ache as their muscles strain to keep up with a demand they aren’t used to. We recommend that 25-50% of the work day include varied movement such as standing with a mat or a balance board, walking on a treadmill desk, or using a bike desk.