Replacement Treadmill Belts

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20" x 56"
20" x 60"


This is a treadmill replacement belt for compatible LifeSpan treadmills. Please make sure you order the correct treadmill walking belt. All compatible treadmill models are shown in the specs section for both replacement sizes. If you are unsure which model you own, please visit this webpage for more information. The sticker location for the model will reside in the same location as the serial number.

If you don't see you model number listed below or are unsure which belt to order, please contact our customer service department at 801.973.9993 x 4 or via live chat for belt options not available on the website.

Once you replace the belt, you will need to lubricate the underside of the belt to reduce heat and friction, prolonging the life of the motor, electronics, belt and deck. We've included a bottle of LifeSpan's 100% silicone belt lubricant along with your order. For instructions on lubricating your treadmill, please visit the following webpage.


Product Weight 4.5/6.5 lbs
20" x 56" Compatible Models TR1200i (TR1200ivC, TR1200ivD, TR1200ivE), TR2000e (TR2000evB), TR3000e (TR3000evB), TR3000i (TR3000ivC, TR3000ivD), TR1000-08, TR1000-TV-08, TR2000HRC-08,TR2000-HRC, TR2250-HRC, TR2500-HR, TR3000-HRC, TR3000-HRC-08, TEKK 2
20" x 60" Compatible Models TR4000i (TR4000ivC, TR4000ivD, TR4000ivE), TR5000i (TR5000ivB, TR5000ivC, TR5000i-ES)