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Standing Desk Accessories

Standing Desk Accessories

Standing Mats & Boards

Standing mats and boards can be paired with any standing desk to bring the benefits of movement to your workplace. Our basic no-frills standing mat can reduce stress on your legs and feet when standing for prolonged periods, but the contoured mat or AirSoft standing board can do even more. Both encourage movement and allow you to stretch lower limbs while standing, which help alleviate back/joint pain and postural fatigue.

Computer Monitor Mounts

Alleviate aches and pains felt in your back and neck with the simple addition of a computer monitor mount. Using a monitor mount will make it easier to maintain a neutral body position letting you achieve proper ergonomic positioning. A monitor mount makes the perfect standing desk accessory.

Treadmill Mats & Treadmill Lubrication

Extend the life of your treadmill desk with a treadmill mat and lubrication. Placing a mat beneath the treadmill will prevent debris from getting inside the motor and other moving parts, as well as protect reduce static and protect flooring. The treadmill lubricant keeps your treadmill desk in optimal condition reducing heat and friction, prolonging the life of the motor, electronics, belt and deck.