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Stay-active solutions
for the evolving workplace

The changing workplace

Experts predict that 2018 and beyond will see more organizations than ever shift toward making employee wellness a focus.

The impact on facilities

Change that triggers health benefits is good, but it might also impact the facilities management side of things where juggling space, costs, and other logistics can be a very real challenge.

Employees can move more without disruption

LifeSpan active workspace solutions are designed to blend with the modern working environment allowing employees to move more throughout the day, no matter the floor plan or budget.

Individual offices

Gives workspaces a modern makeover that keeps employees moving


Privacy pods

Provides an opportunity to break up the day


Open areas

Allows everyday activities to become engaged, productive experiences


Meeting rooms

Creates a stimulating environment to discover new solutions


Easy to maintain

We offer a preventative maintenance program to keep equipment in tip-top shape

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Safety, power draw and noise level

We strive to promote the safest, most-effective work experiences available. Our bike desks are powered by people, our standing and treadmill desks use very little power, and our entire Workplace line is designed to allow employees to move more without disrupting those around them.

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