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Give employees what they want

Happy employees work harder

Satisfied employees give more to their job and are also likely to stick around. Bike desk options from our new LifeSpan Pedal line make it easy to stay active and reap health benefits when working. Employees can simultaneously pedal while they send emails, work on spreadsheets, and even meet with co-workers—all while sitting.

So, what are those benefits?

Well, at least 2x more calorie burn than just sitting, low impact on joints, stress reduction, increased productivity and creativity, as well as decreased nervous tension, just to name a few.

Made for the office

Our new Pedal line harmonizes with our existing Walk and Stand products to deliver innovative design matched with practical function. LifeSpan active workplace solutions are designed to blend with the modern office environment allowing employees to move more throughout the day, no matter the floor plan.

Individual offices

Gives your workspace a modern makeover that keeps you moving


Privacy pods

Provides an opportunity to break up the day


Open areas

Allows everyday activities to become engaged, productive experiences


Meeting rooms

Creates a stimulating environment to discover new solutions

Shop Workplace

Become a destination workplace

From American Express to Zillow, these companies are leading the well-office movement and collecting happy, loyal employees along the way.

The results speak for themselves

"We have an injury and illness rate that is 1/3 the national average and continues to drop year over year. We believe that poor wellness has an acute and cumulative effect on productivity and efficiency."

—Carlos Ramirez, SolarCity's Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety

Want more? View success stories from other companies who love LifeSpan Workplace solutions.

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