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Encouraging Brain Break Activities With Fidget Desks

Encouraging Brain Break Activities With A Fidget Desk

August 21, 2018

Let’s face it, sitting still for long periods of time is difficult – especially for a child. It’s not something that is innately programmed into many of us. We require brain break activities to keep us alert.

Following the craze of fidget spinners among children, and even some adults, we can gather that we like to move. It was what our bodies were made to do. Not sit all day in a classroom.

Taking the same concept of a fidget spinner, the fidget desk was born. The concept of a fidget desk is simple. A fidget desk lets you complete everyday tasks preformed at a desk with the addition of movement. By simply bringing activity to a desk and providing brain break activities, you can burn calories, improve cardiovascular performance, all while increasing productivity by providing a positive direction to channel extra energy.

LifeSpan Unity Pedal Desk

Fidget Desk Benefits

Like their workplace counterpart, a fidget desk (a.k.a. pedal desk) for the classroom, benefits both a child’s physical health as well as provides benefits to learning.

Health Benefits:

  • Improves circulation, enriching heart health
  • Burns calories, supporting a healthy body weight
  • Increases oxygen flow to the brain

Learning Benefits:

  • Provides an outlet for extra energy, decreasing classroom disruptions
  • Supports kinesthetic learners
  • Increases blood flow to the brain, enhancing creativity and productivity
  • Movement helps to develop social skills
  • Increases attendance and participation in class
  • Reduces stress allowing the brain to retain information more readily
  • Makes learning more fun

And on top of the benefits, pedaling while learning provides more engagement and stimulation for a child. Learning becomes fun and exciting. Research has even shown that in classrooms where movement is offered, students enjoy being there. Their academic performance is better, and the students retain information taught more efficiently.

Brain Break Activities

A brain break is a physical activity designed to help students remain more focused and attentive during the school day by increasing the oxygen flow to the brain and re-energizing the body. Classroom brain break activities are generally short periods of time spent bringing movement and physical activity into the classroom.

While most classroom tasks can be performed while pedaling, you may find that some activities are easier than others.

The Brain and Exercise

We all know exercise is good for us. Exercise improves cardiovascular health, reduces your risk for certain diseases, helps prevent depression, and burns calories. But what you may not know, is that exercise has a powerful impact on the brain. Exercise reduces insulin resistance, reduce inflammation, and stimulates the release of growth factors. Some studies have even shown that individuals whom exercise regularly tend to have larger brains than those that don’t. Particularly in the size of the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for memory and spatial navigation. This is a result of the increase in brain-oxygen levels achieved through exercise.

brain cerebellum exercise

Fidget Desk Options

LifeSpan offers a wide-range of fidget desks. Everything from walking treadmill desks, to standing desks and pedal desks. However you choose to move and work, there is a desk option out there for you.

In terms of the classroom, the LifeSpan Unity Junior Pedal Desk will be the best fit. Designed specifically for use in schools, the Unity Junior brings movement to the classroom without taking time away from learning. From the unique desktop shape, to the low, adjustable-height range and cordless operation, the pedal desk can be arranged virtually anywhere.

Who Can Benefit from a Fidget Desk

Fidget desks aren’t just for kids or the classroom. Anyone can gain the benefits of pedaling while working, reading, or learning. Whether you are a student, work in a corporate office, or a home office, a fidget desk will deliver all the same health and learning benefits.

When selecting the appropriate desk, remember to keep in mind whether or not the desk height is adjustable. If so, what is the height adjustment range? Outside of the desk height, other things you will want to consider are whether are not the desk is self-powered? Battery-powered? or requires an outlet nearby? Does the desk have variable resistance or adjustable speeds? Does the desk provide readouts of your movement data? Are there Bluetooth capabilities to transfer and store movement data?

With such a variety of desk options on the market, you are sure to find your perfect fit.

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