TR1200-DT5 Named Best Treadmill Desk

May 6, 2015
Treadmill Desk Award

The LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 made the list of what is calling the Best Treadmill Desk. The TR1200-DT5 is one out of nine treadmill desks available, featuring our mid-use treadmill, rated for an average of 6-hours of daily use, and our manual height adjustable desk. The TR1200-DT5 is our most popular treadmill desk, accommodating a wide range of users. Other available models include our line of electric height adjustable desks (DT7's) and our line of under desk treadmills (DT3's) which include just the treadmill base and console allowing you to pair it with a standing desk of your choice.

Here's what had to say about the TR1200-DT5:

1. Simple Assembly:

Compared to other treadmill desks on the market, the TR1200-DT5 is easy to assembly and takes roughly 30-minutes or less to do so. We do, however, recommend you use two people for setup since the desktop is fairly heavy and may require two people to lift. Additionally we offer upgraded delivery options. The White Glove Delivery option includes product assembly, as well as placement in the room of your choice and removal of debris and packaging.

2. Adjustable Desk Height:

The desktop height can be manually adjusted to accommodate users from 4'10" to 6'8" tall. Adjusting the height may require two people, one on each side of the desk, since the desktop is a little heavy. Usually we recommend you upgrade to a DT7 electric height adjustable desktop if you plan on frequently changing the desktop height since the DT7 desk is easily adjusted with the press of a button.

3. Quiet Treadmill Motor:

All our treadmill desks were designed specifically for use in an office setting. Unlike running treadmills, walking desks need to largely factor in noises and vibrations produced by the treadmill as to not become too distracting in an office environment. In fact, one of the most common questions we receive is will the treadmill be too distracting for my officemate? With this in mind, LifeSpan treadmill desks are one of the quietest on the market with a decibel level ranging from 47 to 58 dB depending on your walking speed.

4. Speed:

Though the average person walks between 1.0 and 2.0 MPH, all our treadmill desks have a speed range of 0.4 to a maximum of 4.0 MPH where the maximum speed can be restricted if preferred for safety reasons.

6. Shock Absorption:

LifeSpan office treadmills use 6 independent compression shocks to hold the walking deck above the frame and absorb impact when your foot strikes the belt. If you plan on walking 10,000 or more steps a day, which we recommend, a good deck suspension will allow you to walk longer with less fatigue and without causing joint pain or injury. A side benefit to isolating the deck with this type of suspension is a much quieter walking experience because the impact of your foot hitting the deck doesn't resonate to the rest of the treadmill.

7. Padded Armrests:

The padded armrests add comfort and support to help avoid wrist fatigue during long work sessions.

8. Bluetooth Integration:

All LifeSpan treadmill desks and bike desks are Bluetooth-enabled to wirelessly sync your activity data to your Mac computer or Android device using one of our free apps. Use your app to track steps taken, walking time, calories burned and distance traveled. Then sync your data with your online Club account to record your walking history one free Club membership is included with every treadmill desk and bike desk purchase.

9. Safety Features:

We understand the importance of safety – at home and in the workplace. And safety is always a top priority in the design of every product. Little things like interlocking our desks with our treadmills help ensure stability, limiting the maximum speed on treadmills to 4 MPH (the maximum speed can be user adjusted down to 2 MPH if desired), and stamping LifeSpan on the belt to show belt movement are all part of our treadmill desk solutions. Then beyond the basics we include a proprietary feature Intelli-Guard™ on all our treadmills. This feature recognizes when you stop walking and automatically Pauses the treadmill belt to ensure that no one steps back on without recognizing the belt is moving.

10. High Weight Capacity:

The TR1200 treadmill supports a maximum user weight of 350-pounds. For a treadmill with a higher weight capacity, the TR5000 supports up to 400-pounds.

11. Good Warranty:

Each treadmill desk includes a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 3-year motor warranty, a 2-year parts warranty and a 1-year labor warranty. Additionally we offer 3 and 5-year extended warranties.

12. Satisfaction Guarantee:

Every purchase you make at includes a 30-day money back guarantee.


The versatile and durable TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk makes the perfect addition into any office environment, accommodating a wide subset of users. The treadmill lets you walk and workout throughout your workday, lasting years to come.

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