What's the Difference Between the TR1200-DT5 and the TR800-DT5?

May 27, 2015

Do you find yourself comparing the TR800-DT5 with the TR1200-DT5 and asking, What is the difference besides the price? You are not alone as we tend to get this question a lot. One of the faults of the fitness equipment (especially treadmill) industry is that manufacturers tend to display the specifications in spec-and-tech tables. While these tables make sense to those who are experienced with treadmills, the average buyer is usually left with more questions than answers. This leads the customer to try to find a spec that they can relate to and make poor buying decisions based off of an assumption. One example is treadmill horsepower (or HP.) Most potential buyers will see a HP rating in the table and naturally assume that more horsepower is better, and therefore, treadmills with a higher horsepower motor are better overall machines. A treadmill’s horsepower rating only tells part of the story (and we may visit this in detail another time soon) so it’s important to understand the full story in order to make the best purchasing decision for you or your family.

We’re going to start by breaking down the spec-and-tech tables and then giving you real world examples of each. To make it easier for everyone, let me point out that both versions share the same desk (or DT5.) The DT5 is LifeSpan’s version of a manual height adjustable desk. Because the desk is heavy and incredibly sturdy, we recommend purchasing the DT5 version for personal use. Once you set the desk to a comfortable (and ergonomically correct) height, you likely won’t need to adjust it much after that. If the treadmill desk is going to be shared with users of varying heights, it is recommended to purchase the electric desk (or DT7) instead. Note that most of the specifications below refer to the treadmill itself so this same article applies when comparing the TR800-DT7 and the TR1200-DT7 as well.

Assembled Dimensions:

This is the absolute width and length of the assembled treadmill desk. The TR800 version is 4-inches shorter overall which makes it the better unit for those with strict space restrictions. Both have the same desk width of 47” and floor width of 36”.

Belt Size:

The TR1200-DT5 comes standard with a 20” x 56” belt which is what you would find on most residential fitness treadmills. This particular belt size supports running so you will find that you have plenty of room for walking. The TR800-DT5 is 4-inches shorter and 2-inches narrower which still allows plenty of room but may not work well for very tall users.

Deck Suspension:

Many walking treadmills on the market don’t offer any type of deck suspension. Ours do. Your feet and joints will thank you.


Both treadmills start at 0.4 mph and increase up to 4 mph, however, we recommend walking between speeds of 1-2 mph. Users tend to be the most productive within that speed range, keeping them active without breaking a sweat or running out of breath. For corporate settings, management can set the maximum speed to 2 mph for safety.


The TR1200-DT5 comes equipped with a 2.25 HP motor which will support users up to 350 lbs. The TR800-DT5 has a smaller 2 HP motor which is strong enough to support the average user up to 300 lbs. Many treadmill buying guides will recommend that you consider purchasing a treadmill that can support a user 50 lbs. greater than the heaviest user. For example, if the heaviest user is 300 lbs., it is recommended to purchase a treadmill with a 350 lb. max user weight. This is good advice that is worth sharing.


Both units have a 3 year motor warranty and a 1 year labor warranty. The difference is that the TR1200-DT5 has a 2 year parts warranty compared to a 1 year warranty on the TR800-DT5.

So which treadmill desk would work better for you? If budget and space is primary concern, then the TR800-DT5 just might be the better fit. If budget and space are not a concern, or you are a heavier person, then the TR1200-DT5 would be worth the extra money. Most of our customers agree that the TR1200-DT5 is a better value for the dollar and I tend to agree. Hopefully this article will help you in your decision making process.

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