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Everything you need to get the most of LifeSpan products in the workplace.


Tools for Employee Communication

It all starts with communicating to employees! Make sure you let them know about new LifeSpan products around the office and how they can get started using them. Send out an email, hang a poster in the break room, and even advertise on the product itself! We’ve made it simple with these ready-to-go materials.

Sample Email Announcement

Getting Started Safely Instructions Card

Table Tent


Helpful Information

Common Employee Questions

Explore answers to common questions we receive about using LifeSpan products when working.

Common questions

Best Practices Guide

Our best practices guide covers everything employers need to know about successfully using LifeSpan products in the workplace, such as optimal placement, communicating use to employees, which types of activity pair best with specific workday tasks, and more.

Best Practices Guide

Articles & Studies

Explore health and productivity research and case studies to learn more about the benefits of moving more throughout the workday.

Productivity Benefits

Health Benefits

Spine & Joint Pain

Walking the Walk

Stand for Your Health

Additional Resources

Workplace Products

Check out our full range of workplace products, including treadmill desks, bike desks, standing desks, standing mats, and our AirSoft Standing Board.

LifeSpan 2019 Business Catalog

Preventative Maintenance Program

We want to ensure your LifeSpan product lasts its expected lifetime — and then some. We offer a convenient plan to keep equipment in great working condition without any headache for you.

Advantage Program

Customer Service

Contact us about parts, warranty, or general product questions.

Phone: 801.973.9993 x 4

Customer Service Form

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