Sample Email

Sample Email

Note from LifeSpan: The below copy is just an example of how you could let employees know about the new LifeSpan products that are available for them to use. You can use this copy, or you can edit/add to it. You may also want to include your own guidelines for using, such as time-limit restrictions, etc.

Attention all employees,

You may have noticed some new items around the office!

We have added [insert LifeSpan product name(s) and locations] to give interested employees the opportunity to move more throughout the workday. Here are a few guidelines for using them:

Getting started

A good place to start is to have 25-50% of the workday include varied movement such as standing with a mat or a balance board, walking on a treadmill desk, or using a bike desk. Start out conservatively and give yourself time to adjust.

Moving while working

Deep concentration activities such as writing a proposal or working on a report might be best done while sitting or standing. Light to medium intensity activities such as participating on a conference call, reading and answering email, or making minor adjustments to spreadsheets and word-processing documents can be performed with ease while simultaneously walking or pedaling. These are just guidelines though. It’s important to explore adding movement to the workday in the way that is best for you.

Special considerations

It is recommend that you walk or pedal in comfortable shoes, but it’s not necessary to wear only athletic-type footwear. You might prefer to keep a pair of walking shoes nearby to change into if you are wearing uncomfortable or unsupportive footwear.

Adding movement to your workday is a great way to combat the ill-effects of sitting too much. Benefits may include weight management, reduced back and neck pain, increased productivity and more!

We sincerely hope you enjoy this new perk from our company. Please reach out to [insert department or contact] with any questions you have about using the equipment.

[Contact email or phone number]