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Standing Workstations

Combat health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle with the all-new LifeSpan Standing Desks. Working at a standing desk will help you burn more calories, promote creativity and productivity, and increase mental clarity and focus.

LifeSpan Standing Workstations let you utilize both sitting and standing throughout your workday with a height-adjustable desktop that adjusts with the push of a button. A wide range of available height adjustments let you find ideal ergonomic positions, whether sitting or standing, reducing back, neck, wrist, and shoulder pain.

All desks are fully customizable and can be tailored around your office design and active workplace environment. LifeSpan Desks are available in three desktop sizes: 4-feet (Studio 4), 5-feet (Stand Up 5), and 6-feet (Sit Stand 6) wide allowing for the perfect fit in any office space. Choose between either our silver or charcoal desk frame and pair it with one of our four desktop colors. Whatever your need, LifeSpan has the desk for you.

For more information, check out our buyers guide on selecting the best standing desk for you and your workplace.

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LifeSpan’s competency is on full display in our impressive line of residential and commercial fitness equipment. For nearly two decades, we have been an industry leader in helping consumers to lose weight, improve their health, or train for competition. Through our dedication to quality hardware and progressive technology, our consumers receive astonishing health benefits and unbeatable value.

Beginning with exercise bikes, LifeSpan offers a full line of exercise equipment including treadmills, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, ellipticals, rowers, and a stretching machine for both the home and commercial gyms. Most equipment comes equipped with Bluetooth-capabilities and/or USB+ technology, allowing consumers to upload workout data recorded by the exercise equipment of choice to either a computer or smartphone. Exercise data can then be tracked via the Active Trac app over time helping users better achieve their health and fitness goals.

LifeSpan Workplace Logo

An originator in the active office movement, LifeSpan is committed to bringing activity back into the workplace. As the global leader in active workstations, LifeSpan exercise desks blend professionalism with functionality to ensure zero disruption and limitless value. Designed for use by individuals, teams, or by entire companies as a whole, LifeSpan helps you and your company progress as you work, one step at a time.

Beginning with treadmill desks, LifeSpan now offers a full line of exercise desks including treadmill desks, under-desk treadmills, bike desks, under-desk bikes, and now a line of standing desks. All desks are fully customizable and can be tailored around your office design and working environment.

Standing Desk Features

Internal Cable Routing:
Unlike traditional systems, LifeSpan’s industry-exclusive internal cable management system directs the desks power cord down to the floor through the desk’s frame, organizing cords to promote safety and refined appearances.

Telescoping Frame:
Supporting users of all heights, LifeSpan sit-to-stand workstations feature a three-stage telescoping leg system, essential for ideal heights during both standing and sitting. Dual, heavy-capacity motors efficiently lift loads up to 220 pounds, perfect for gently raising and lowering of your work area.

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