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For years physical activity has been engineered out of the workplace with the objective of improving employee productivity. Automation has replaced manual work, and advances in information systems and computing have made us more productive and sedentary at the same time. According to the Mayo Clinic, occupational related daily activity now burns 23,000 fewer calories annually than in 1960. This is equivalent to 6.5 pounds of weight gain per year simply from moving less while at work.

Research results associated with inactivity have become increasingly clear that our sedentary lifestyles and general lack of physical activity is unhealthy and leads to obesity and many chronic health conditions. In fact, inactivity has been labeled as the new smoking for our generation.

It’s time we start “Rethinking How We Work.” LifeSpan Workplace Solutions™ has products that bring physical activity back to the workplace simply by walking at slow speeds or pedaling during the work day.

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Most everyone has activities during the day that can easily be performed while walking or pedaling. Phone calls, email, reading, webinars and conference calls are easy places to start. You will find that getting 6,000 – 10,000 steps a day is easier than you think just by starting with these simple tasks.

You can add treadmill desks or bike desks into your personal office. Place them in common areas like lobbies, cafeterias and meeting areas to be shared by groups of people or add them to a fitness area as a light activity option.

If you already have a corporate wellness program, LifeSpan Workplace Solutions™ products can help improve participation levels. Our treadmill desks automatically count steps walked using a patented technology called Intelli-Step, and our bikes count pedaling revolutions in the same way, with each revolution counting as the equivalent as a step. Both activities can easily be incorporated into your wellness program. Results can then be easily tracked with an online account, since all of our consoles include integrated Bluetooth communications.



Our Workplace Solutions™ line includes products designed for individuals, as well as, products intended for groups of users to share throughout the day. Individual use products make a great addition to a traditional office, or can be used with a standing desk to add activity to an already healthy desk choice. Group use products can be placed in lobbies, activity areas, cafeterias and other general community areas commonly shared among employees, guests or clients.

The modular design of our products allows each piece of equipment to be coupled with each desk option. There are 3 treadmill options and 1 bike that all can be combined with 3 different desk options. This modular approach gives you the ability to select the desk that best meets your needs by either using your existing adjustable height desk, the DT5 manual Height Adjustment Desk or the DT7 electric height adjustable desk and then select the equipment model that you want to combine with your desk.


Three different Desk/Console models are available to complement our equipment. These include the DT3 Standalone console that sits on your existing standing desk, the DT5 Manual Height Adjustment Desk, and the DT7 Electric Height Adjustment Desk. + More information - Less information

DT3 Desktop Console

The perfect solution if you already have an adjustable height desk or want to purchase a specific adjustable height desk. This console simply plugs into any of our equipment options and conveniently sits on the desktop. It's compact, convenient, and has all of the same features as our other Workplace Solutions™ consoles, including Bluetooth integration.

DT5 Manual Height Adjustment Desk

A great option for individuals or small teams where height adjustment is infrequent. This sturdy desk includes padded arm rests and a conveniently located console that doesn’t occupy any of the desk space. The working surface is a durable gray laminate that measures 31” by 46.5”. Height adjustments are made in 1” increments with 16” of total adjustment.

DT7 Electric Height Adjustment Desk

The DT7 is designed specifically to meet the demands associated with groups of users in community settings. It includes the same padded arm rests, integrated console and work surface as the DT5, plus the addition of electric height adjustment. Controls for the height adjustment are conveniently located in front of the display console and a tray for storage is located under the desk.



The line includes three treadmill options and one upright bike. All are designed specifically to operate quietly, reliably and safely in a home or office environment. + More information - Less information

C3 Upright Bike

The perfect option for people who prefer to pedal while they work. The C3 is designed to position you in an upright position while your arms rest on the desk without the need to lean forward. This upright position easily supports the use of computers and other common office productivity tools without placing extra weight on the arms.

If your space limited, consider using the C3-DT. With its compact footprint this upright bike is not larger than a standard office chair.

TR800 Treadmill Base

Our entry level Walk and Work option designed for up to three hours of use each day. It’s a great option for single users planning to add walking to their workday.

TR1200 Treadmill Base

This is our most popular model and includes an larger motor, upgraded walking belt and larger walking surface. It’s the perfect option for single users who expect to do a lot of their work on the treadmill desk and for small teams expecting to walk up to six hours per day collectively.

TR5000 Treadmill Base

Designed specifically for situations where high use and low maintenance are required. While our other treadmill bases require periodic belt lubrication to keep the friction between the belt and deck low, the TR5000 offers a maintenance free belt/deck combination. Coupled with a 3 HP AC motor, the TR5000 is a workhorse designed to meet the high demands of today’s workplace and includes a ten hour per day usage warranty.



Workplace Solutions™ activity stations include several unique features to support long terms use and lifestyle changes and ensure safety at home and in the office. + More information - Less information

  • LifeSpan Fitness Club Account

    Each product comes with a trial account to the LifeSpan Fitness Club. This account lets you set goals and track progress against those goals. You can set up teams and track team progress, monitor improvements to your health metrics and much more. The LifeSpan Fitness Club is supported by an online software product called the Interactive Health Partner (IHP). The IHP can be customized and branded with your company information and the IHP Team can provide you with coaching support, results reporting and more. For more information contact a Workplace Solutions™ Representative.

  • Apps That Track Your Progress

    All of our consoles have integrated Bluetooth modules that can connect with your Bluetooth-enabled Windows or Mac computers. These apps, or Widgets, sync with your LifeSpan Fitness Club account so that all results are tracked in one place.

  • Step Counting

    We understand that tracking results can be an important part of long term success, especially when our Workplace Solutions™ products are part of an Employee Wellness program or the start of a new program. Since Step Counting is an easy way to track daily activity we automatically track steps for you on all of our treadmill options. To keep things simple, we track pedaling revolutions in the Bike Desk App on the C3 upright the same way as steps when using the Treadmill Desk App. Both are consolidated in the LifeSpan Fitness Club account as steps by simply pressing the sync button in the App.

  • Safety

    We understand the importance of safety – at home and in the workplace. And safety is always a top priority in the design of every product. Little things like interlocking our desks with our treadmills help ensure stability, limiting the maximum speed on treadmills to 4 MPH, and stamping LifeSpan on the belt to show belt movement are all part of our treadmill desk solutions.

    Then beyond the basics we include a proprietary feature “Intelli-Guard” on all our treadmills. This feature recognizes when you stopped walking and automatically “Pauses” the treadmill to ensure that no one steps back on without recognizing the belt it moving.

    Note: if the maximum speed of 4 MPH is a concern, we can work with your to make an engineering change in your consoles to reduce the maximum speed to 2 MPH.


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