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  • modernize your office with a treadmill desk
  • recumbent, upright and indoor bikes
  • treadmill belt lubricant
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We offer consumers award winning health and fitness products that can be used in the home, gym, or at work, and we tie them all together with the Club, our online health and fitness-tracking program.   



Exercise Equipment: Residential & Commercial    


Our focus is cardiovascular exercise equipment for residential and commercial use. LifeSpan Fitness products include folding and non-folding treadmills, upright and recumbent exercise bikes, a rowing machine and a stretching machine. We equip many of our products with USB drives and Bluetooth. Using these features, exercise results can easily be tracked and managed using the Club. With Bluetooth-enabled equpiment, you can use our iPad® apps which provide a graphical interface to your exercise bike and treadmill workouts along with many additional features.  


Workplace: Treadmill Desks & Bike Desks


We offer a complete line of treadmill desks and bike desk workstations designed for the home and office. Desk options include: electric height adjustment models that can be used collectively by multiple people in the office, manual adjustment models for 1 or 2 people and if you already own a stand-up desk we have available treadmill and bike options that work for you as well. All models include our patented step counting feature “Intelli-Step” to automatically count your steps or pedal revolutions while you walk or bike. Using the standard Bluetooth feature, you can track your progress on your Mac or PC and wirelessly sync your activity results to your Club account.



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