Leverage your LifeSpan equipment and reach your goals with apps
to sync your exercise results and track your progress.


USB ports on your Mac or PC connect your Club account to your equipment, capturing your data while keeping your machine up-to-date with your personal information. Stay fully aware of each step and pedal revolution, calories burned, and more through easy syncing.

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Active Trac

Bluetooth connectivity with your Android device collects and syncs your data directly to your Club account, seamlessly capturing all of your activity. Manual entry of fitness information keeps you updated while on the go, and social features let you share your successes.

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Train & Trac

Bluetooth connectivity turns your iPad® into a touchscreen console, giving you control of your equipment’s settings. Train & Trac also supports automatic downloading of your workout calendar to your treadmill or bike and syncing of your exercise results to your Club account.

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Active +

Macintosh users: connect and sync wirelessly to your treadmill desk or bike desk.

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Which app works with your LifeSpan product?

LifeSpan is dedicated to developing apps that benefit your convenience as well as your health. If your specific product doesn't presently have an available app or is currently incompatible with your software, please sign up for our newsletter to be notified when updates are made available.