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How To Design Offices for Fitness With Spaces

After years of working from home, employees have enjoyed certain amenities that they've now become accustomed to, such as active workstations, more time to spend with family, and personal goals and hobbies.. This is a symptom of work-from-home culture, for which there is no cure but to continue enjoying some of the perks offered by working from home. 

According to the latest study from Work From Home Research, 60% of full-time employees are now working from an office full-time. As employees head back to the office, they expect a work environment that supports their more active and healthy lifestyle. Not offering equipment like standing desks, walking treadmills, or spaces designed for in-office fitness lowers current workers' morale and puts employers on the back foot regarding recruitment and retention. So how do you modernize your office to offer employees what they need to stay focused, engaged, and productive? The answer is simple: design offices with fitness in mind. 

With LifeSpan Fitness' Spaces, you can choose from a dozen configurations that can turn any space into a fitness-ready office environment. Whether you have a small or large office, LifeSpan Spaces can maximize your office space and create a work atmosphere conducive to productivity and better health. Spaces can also be more cost-effective than building an in-office gym, which most employees dislike using anyway. 

Spruce Up Existing Spaces by Swapping Communal Desks for Treadmill Desk Clusters

An open-concept office space is excellent for collaboration. The lack of cubicles or other barriers allows employees to brainstorm ideas, have quick syncs, and get an answer much faster. While the idea for open-concept offices was at one time regarded as revolutionary and the future of work, it has become stagnant, and it's time for a revamp. If you want to start redesigning your office for fitness, this is a great place to start, with plenty of room to experiment and place larger office fitness equipment. 

LifeSpan's panorama and break away Spaces are perfect for open-plan offices, allowing employees to collaborate and stay healthy simultaneously. The panorama option places five TR1200 standing treadmill desks along a line, preferably facing a window, giving employees the chance to get their steps in while working side-by-side with teammates. The break away option is more meeting-centered and can fit in the corner of any open-concept floor plan. Employees can collaborate on projects using two Duo Bike Tables as they pedal, with additional co-workers using Aero Balance Boards around the table. 

Create Training and Meeting Rooms That Keep People Awake and On-Task

Weekly team meetings and mandatory training can be a drain, especially when they run longer than they should. That's why it's important to keep employees engaged and on-task by providing them with ways to be active, which oxygenates the blood and makes people more attentive and energized. LifeSpan's dream team and training room spaces are ideal for training and meeting rooms. 

The dream team configuration combines two 48" and two 60" standing desks with four Solo Under Desk Bikes, offering employees the chance to stand or sit on the pedal bike. Both options are healthier than sitting and serve to enhance focus. Employees can even alternate during longer meetings, choosing to stand for a while before switching to pedaling. 

Alternatively, there is the training room Space, which is broken down into three configurations: small, medium, and large. The training room Space is designed to stimulate larger groups, maximizing their focus and engagement. Though the equipment in each configuration varies, you can expect to accommodate anywhere between 7 to 15 employees. 

Privacy Pods Offer Maximum Focus

Open floor plans and meeting rooms are ideal for collaboration, but not so much when someone needs to work undisturbed. When an employee has to buckle down and finish important work under a deadline, there's no better space than the privacy pod. This 8'x10' space is completely covered on four sides, giving employees who wish to power through their work a private space free of distractions. Inside the pod is a Power Treadmill Desk to keep employees' energy and focus at high levels while inside. 

LifeSpan Spaces Is a One-Size-Fits-All Solution for Companies Seeking To Integrate Fitness Into Their Work Culture

LifeSpan Spaces seeks to rearrange your current space into a workplace that your employees will be excited to work in every day. It's our answer to tired, stagnant office design that doesn't do much to stimulate employees or support their health and fitness goals. We offer spaces because we understand that healthy, fit employees are better employees. Employees that participate in moderate exercise several times a week come to work feeling better, more energized, and more focused, which results in increased productivity. 

Spaces are cost-effective, increase productivity, sharpen focus, and make employees feel better about coming to the office. But with over a dozen LifeSpan spaces to choose from, we can help you pick the best configuration that optimizes your space. Talk to one of our sales representatives to learn more about Spaces and how you can get started on reworking your office space into a fitness-ready space.
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