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Raise or lower your desk with the push of a button


Stand up for your health with LifeSpan's Standing Desk! Turn your boring workstation into an active workstation easily.

This Standing Desk is perfect for elevating collaboration, productivity, and comprehensive wellness.

Take your Standing Desk to the next level. You can customize your Standing Desk with frame colors and desktop finishes that will perfectly commplement your existing office. Upgrade your Standing Desk by adding and Under Desk Treadmill, Bike, or the Aero Balance Board.

Join the movement today and improve your health and wellbeing while enhancing your productivity with the LifeSpan Fitness Standing Desk adjustable height workstation.

What is a Standing Desk?

It's all in the name. A standing desk is an easy and convenient way to improve your health and wellness while staying productive and getting work done. With a simple and adjustable design, standing desks allow you to comfortably write, read, or use your computer from a standing position. Studies show that by decreasing the amount of time you sit in a day, you can make dramatic improvements on your overall health.

Benefits of a Standing Desk

There are many benefits to using a standing desk at home, the office, or in your new work from home space.

  • • Lowers your risk of obesity
  • • May lower blood sugar levels
  • • May lower you risk of heart disease
  • • Can boost productivity and focus
  • • Helps to improve mood and energy levels
  • • Reduces chronic back pain

Take a Stand with LifeSpan Fitness Today

Isn't it time you found a better way to work? Standing desks offer so many benefits over the traditional seated-style desk. Not only can tey lower your risk of obesity, cardiovasular disease, and reduce back pain, but using a standing desk can even boost your mood and make you more productive.

With our adjustable height workstation, you can set your standing desk up to perfectly fit your needs. Upgrade your standing desk with an under desk treadmill, bicycle, or balance board to further improve your health and wellness.

Want to learn more about our full line of office wellness and everday fitness products? LifeSpan Fitness has everything you need to stay healthy and productive.