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  • R3i Recumbent Bicycle

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LifeSpan Stationary Bikes

Exercise bikes can be a great way to build muscle strength, increase cardiovascular health and circulation, boost immunity, and help manage your weight. Since biking doesn't involve impact, it is easier on the joints than most other aerobic activities.

Whatever your riding preference, LifeSpan has a fitness bike to meet your needs, whether for residential or commercial use. Our line includes both home exercise bikes and commercial exercise bikes. All of our stationary bikes come equipped with USB drives and/or Bluetooth. Using these features, exercise results can easily be tracked and managed. Plus, our commercial exercise bikes generate their own power so you can charge your mobile devices using the USB port.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent exercise bikes are generally ideal for users where comfort is a major factor. The semi-reclined riding position of a recumbent bike helps reduce stress to the lower back, sit bones, neck, wrists, and hands. Additionally, with the back in a slightly reclined position, full expansion of the lungs becomes easier and less forced than that of an upright bike.

Our line of recumbent stationary bikes includes the residential R3i, R5i, and the commercial R7000i. Both models feature a step-thru design, allowing you to get on and off the bike with ease. The most important advantage of a recumbent bike compared to a traditional fitness bike is seat comfort. The bike's use a molded seat back, similar to high-end office chairs supporting the lower back and maintaining proper posture. This seat back is breathable to reduce sweat build up. The contoured molded foam seat bottom is both comfortable and durable and the office chair style armrests with built-in sensors to pick up your heart rate.

Upright Stationary Bikes

For outdoor cyclists, the benefits of indoor cycling with an upright exercise bike includes a better simulation of what you experience out on the road. An upright bike can be used to keep workouts specific to the muscles you use when riding outdoors. With your body in an upright position from your hips being placed over the pedals, an upright bike will provide more of a full body workout than a recumbent bike.

Our line of upright fitness bikes includes the C3i, C5i, and C7000i upright bikes for commercial or home use. All models include height adjustable seats accommodating riders from approximately 5’0” to 6’8” tall depending on leg length.

The primary differences between an indoor bike and a more traditional exercise bike are frame geometry and drive system.

Frame Geometry: Indoor exercise bikes are designed to position the body most like an outdoor bike with the handlebars extended further forward and with handlebar height and seat fore and aft adjustments. This allows you to position the indoor bikes to best simulate outdoor riding and better supports stand up pedaling.

Drive System: Unlike a traditional upright bike where the flywheel can spin freely when you stop pedaling, on an indoor bike the pedals and flywheel are directly connected so when the flywheel spins the pedals are forced to rotate as well. This supports pedaling forward and backward adding variety to your workout. Resistance levels are manually adjusted so that no power source, not even batteries are required.

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LifeSpan Exercise Bike Innovations

Intelligent Console:
Intelli-Key™ simplifies the bike's console operation with a sequential button illumination that prompts you through program selection and setup.

LifeSpan's Active Trac app allows all of your exercise data to be conveniently synced to your online profile via wireless Bluetooth connectivity or USB+, letting you focus on the task at hand.

Go Green:
Only active when you are, intelligent design puts your console into a low-energy state when you finish exercising to guarantee efficiency and affordability.