Get Your Heart Pumping for Heart Month

Get Your Heart Pumping For Heart Month

February 5, 2020

February is Heart Month! It’s the perfect opportunity to evaluate your heart health. According to the American Heart Association, on average, someone dies of cardiovascular disease (CVD) every 38 seconds.

So what can you do to keep your heart healthy? There are many lifestyle changes that you can make such as limiting cholesterol intake or reducing blood sugar. But one of the easiest ways to improve your heart health is to be physically active. Your heart is a muscle, after all.

Being active doesn’t have to be cumbersome. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity per week. They also recommend walking specifically. Not only is it a simple exercise, but research has shown it can lower your chances of heart disease.

One of the biggest reasons adults struggle to stay active is the time commitment. But there are options to stay active while you work such as treadmill desks or under desk bikes. Rather than sitting all day, you can move while you get work done. Plus, all of LifeSpan Fitness under-the-desk products are quiet so you won’t distract your coworkers.

As you think about your heart health, consider LifeSpan Fitness products such as treadmill desks, desk bikes and more. Get yourself moving throughout the day and help you keep your heart going strong!

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