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LifeSpan Fitness vs. WalkingPad

In this comparison blog, we’re examining the differences between Lifespan and WalkingPad using seven categories. The first two categories are based on the treadmills’ construction and durability. These categories examine components such as motor performance and design. The next two categories discuss price points and specs. Finally, we discuss the warranty offerings, treadmill portability, and the treadmill selection of the two companies. 



LifeSpan’s Glow Up and Classic series of under desk treadmills as well as our series of under desk bikes offer the perfect options for anyone adding a portable treadmill solution to their fitness routine. With compact features, the TR1000-Glow up has a short base, easily sliding under any standing desk and instantly converting into a treadmill desk. A portable console increases the treadmill’s portability, fitting neatly on your desktop. 

Our Classic series of treadmills provides everything you need to begin your fitness routine at work. The newly designed internal cable management system directs the desk’s power cord down to the floor through the frame and promotes a refined appearance that blends into any office environment. Lastly, our under desk bike series serves as an alternative to standing desk treadmills. If you’re interested in a more high-intensity workout while at work, without the impact of treadmills, under desk bikes might be the best option for you. 

WalkingPad’s treadmill is popular due to its foldability and portability. The treadmill is an acceptable option for those who want a portable treadmill desk for their at-home or work office. However, LifeSpan features a larger selection of both at-home and everyday wellness products. We also feature superior durability and functionality in our products. With LifeSpan, you benefit from a fitness company that believes everyone should have access to affordable fitness equipment that reflects their preferences, intensity levels, and routine. Whether you’re looking for a foldable treadmill, standing desk, treadmill desk, or under desk bike, we have the solution for you. 

Continue reading to learn more about the differences between Lifespan and WalkingPad.

Who Is LifeSpan Fitness?

LifeSpan Fitness offers a wide range of wellness and everyday fitness products, catering to people of all ages and fitness levels. With treadmill desks, foldable treadmills, standing desks, and other products, LifeSpan has provided people with durable, high-quality fitness equipment for over twenty years.

Who Is WalkingPad?

WalkingPad is a treadmill company that sells itself as an alternative treadmill that is small, lightweight, and portable. It was designed with the idea of creating a compact treadmill that consumers could use at any time and store anywhere within the home. 



















LifeSpan has some of the most stable treadmills on the market. With safety features that support both children and the elderly, they are also exceptionally safe treadmills. They feature a wide running surface and eight compression shock absorbers that cushion your knees and disperse your impact across the belt surface to reduce wear and tear. 

Our Classic and Glow Up treadmill lines ensure you have long-term comfort and a dependable workout solution for your at-home or office space. LifeSpan’s foldable TR1200i features the same durable construction and shock absorption features, making LifeSpan’s treadmill belt one of the most pleasant running surfaces you can find. 

WalkingPad has come under fire for their lack of warranty, which has raised some questions about the machine’s stability and structural integrity. Their belt integrity has also been a concern. Treadmills are high-impact mechanical devices and their motor should be designed to overcome the friction between the belt and the deck. Lastly, WalkingPad’s portability compromises some of its stability. Because the frame and the running deck are incredibly light, making it ultra-portable, the belt has a tendency to wobble and scrape against the metal. 


LifeSpan’s treadmills are built to last you the long-haul. The GlowUp, Classic, and TR1200i (foldable treadmill) feature a sturdy construction that can handle up to 350 lbs. They also boast a long-lasting 2.5 hp continuous-duty motor that can withstand even the most intense daily workouts year after year. With a 20” by 56” running surface, LifeSpan treadmills can handle any style of exercise, whether walking, jogging, or running. LifeSpan’s treadmills also have a robotically-welded, all steel frame that simulates real-world conditions over long-term usage. 

WalkingPad’s motors reportedly have to overwork themselves, which can cause them to heat up quickly, burn out, or shut down due to an overheating sensor. Every time this happens, the motor wears and its lifespan shortens. Again, this is where WalkingPad’s portability has a tendency to impinge on its structure and design. 


WalkingPad touts their price as one of its stronger selling points. It hovers around $300-$600. However, when you take into consideration the lack of a warranty and the construction of the WalkingPad, its price benefits are questionable. In the short-term, you save money, but over the long haul, the durability and stability issues facing WalkingPad can diminish its cost benefits. 

LifeSpan Fitness features a wind range of products that are reasonably priced for the reliability and durability they offer. We also feature payment options so you can spread out the cost over a longer period of time. 


The TR1200i’s foldable treadmill rapid loading screen and simple console let you set up your workout so you can begin the moment you step on the belt. The Glow Up series features a portable console that you can place on your desk without compromising the aesthetic of your desk. With integrated step counting, Intelli-Guard Safety Technology, and customizable personal settings, both LifeSpan’s treadmill desks and under desk bikes feature all sorts of useful components that make exercise enjoyable as well as dependable.

You can change your dashboard themes for your preferred workout view on a full-color 7” display. You can also use the built-in Bluetooth system to sync their tablet or phone and watch their favorite series or movies while you break a sweat. 

The WalkingPad comes without a console. However, it has an app that offers many of the features a traditional treadmill offers, such as calorie counting, recording, and measuring your activity. The app itself is simple and connects via Bluetooth and there were no issues finding the device and connecting it. 


LifeSpan’s treadmills offer some of the most favorable treadmill warranties on the market. They offer 10 years on frame, 2 years on motor, and 1 year on labor. Outside of that you are able to purchase additional warranty coverage up to 5 years longer. 

WalkingPad’s lack of warranty coverage is something they have faced criticism for. They don’t offer any extensive warranties and the most you can hope for is typically a 30-day warranty. With some of the durability and stability concerns they face, this is a consideration consumers need to weigh with the lower price point. 


LifeSpan Fitness features numerous portable options, including the Glow Up series, which slide under any standing desk. The TR2000e  also features an EZfold ™ technology that ensures you can keep it out of sight when it’s not in use. This folding technology is perfect for an at-home or office work space and you can easily store it in your bedroom without occupying too much space. 

The WalkingPad is more portable than LifeSpan Fitness under desk treadmills and fitness foldable treadmills, but its portability compromises some of its stability and durability. Because there are no handrails, the WalkingPad foldable treadmill can also be dangerous for people of certain ages and fitness levels. 


LifeSpan Fitness features a wide array of fitness and office equipment that ranges from treadmill desks to standing desks and foldable treadmills, and even fitness bikes. We also have numerous fitness accessories, such as balance boards and yoga balls that can expand any gym or fitness area. 

WalkingPad sells some accessories and they also sell compatible standing desks with their treadmills. However, they do not host the same variety as Lifespan. No matter your fitness level or age, LifeSpan Fitness has something for everyone. 


Why Choose LifeSpan Fitness’s Underdesk Treadmills or Foldable Fitness Treadmills?

LifeSpan Fitness’s treadmills feature the following benefits and can fit into any at-home or office gym setup. 

Size: Most LifeSpan  fitness treadmills can be folded for easy storage without taking up too much space. Even the TR3000i can be folded to save floor space, though it is heavier and you likely won’t move it much. 

Zero Assembly Required: The LifeSpan Under desk treadmills like the TR1200-GlowUp arrive assembled out of the box.  

Console: LifeSpan’s consoles have soft-touch buttons and have numerous intuitive workout programs that can simplify your workout routine. Workout data can also be either saved or transferred online through USB and LifeSpan can closely track your progress.

Audio: LifeSpan’s i-series treadmills feature high-fidelity sound systems and smartphone ports. 

Safety Features: LifeSpan features some of the safest treadmills on the market. Components such as the Intelli-Guard are included on the LifeSpan Treadmill Desk. This particular feature stops the treadmill when you step off. 

Customer Service: LifeSpan consistently receives favorable feedback for all its customer support systems. We pride ourselves on a commitment to our customers and delivering a safe, affordable, consistent fitness experience. 

Price: LifeSpan believes in offering a wide range of prices so everyone can afford the healthy lifestyle at the center of our mission. Our basic models start at around $700 and the more advanced models can reach $2,400.  

Warranties: LifeSpan’s warranties feature some of the most attractive features on the market. Depending on whether they are commercial or residential, you might be able to get five to seven years of parts protection and one to two years of coverage without labor expenses. 


LifeSpan Fitness- Your Choice for Under Desk Treadmills

At LifeSpan Fitness, we believe in offering the safest, most reliable experience. Our under desk treadmills and treadmill desk are built to last and you can store them in your at-home or office gym with no-hassle assemblies. The stability and durability of our products is unmatched and our warranties reflect the confidence we have in their construction and dependability. 

No matter your fitness level, LifeSpan has the right type of treadmill for you. Our wide selection of under desk treadmills, folding treadmills, and treadmill desks can get you on the right path toward your fitness goals. Contact us today to experience an elevated fitness routine with LifeSpan. 

Read the full reviews on LifeSpan Fitness. 

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