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Treadmill Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Please refer to the following treadmill troubleshooting guide if your LifeSpan treadmill or treadmill desk is displaying an error code. If after trying the suggested solutions your treadmill is still showing an error please contact our customer service department at 801.973.9993 x4 or fill out a customer service request form.

If your error codes shows...

  • E1
  • E5
  • E6 or E7
  • E9 or E10
  • Uart
  • AC/DC-1
  • AC/DC-2
  • AC/DC-3
  • AC/DC-4
  • AC/DC-5
  • AC/DC-6
  • AC/DC-7
  • AC/DC-8
  • AC/DC-9

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