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Industry-leading warranties and customer service remove all doubt. Robust coverage on frames, motors, parts, and labor let you use your product fully and with confidence.

LifeSpan App

LifeSpan App lets you sync your activity directly from your desk exercise equipment to your smartphone. All of your data is conveniently sent to your personalized app via Bluetooth.

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Telescoping Frame

Supporting users of all heights, LifeSpan workstations feature a telescoping leg system, essential for ideal heights during both standing and sitting.


Walk confidently knowing your safety is assured with Intelli-Guard™. Step away for more than twenty seconds and your treadmill's belt will automatically glide to a smooth stop, ensuring an accident-free environment.

Cable Routing

Unlike traditional systems, LifeSpan’s industry-exclusive internal cable management system directs the desks power cord down to the floor through the desk’s frame, organizing cords to promote safety and refined appearances.

Modular Design

Guarantee a seamless fit with your work environment. Use LifeSpan Workplace with your traditional office furniture, or as a dynamic configuration, allowing multiple users to share an exercise desk.

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